/ Injection molding for you.

H.M.R. produces molds and parts for different industries. For example the automotive industry but also for the use in internal blinds,  for electronic products or for high end office furniture. All those products are produced on German machines made by Arburg with high quality engineered materials to assure a constant quality. We also produce products for the construction sector that are made of recycled plastic materials.


We are equipped with machines ranging from 35 tons to 200 tons of clamping power and we can produce parts up to approximately 400 gramms.  We can use most types of thermoplastic materials also reinforced types with carbon or glass fibre.


We can also support you in just-in-time logstic and label all delivered products with barcode for a smooth flow of the materials from the manufacturer to the end-user. Our aim is to support you in any possible way to improve your business. From the single part up to the complete assembly to a unit. Please call or e-mail us for further details and informations.

/ Dimensions

Ranging from 25 tons up to 200 tons of closing power with a maximum tie bar distance of 570mm we have the capacity to inject a wide range of molds. 

/ Assembly

Following the process of injection molding we are capable to assemble the parts to complete units.

/ Logistics

We make it easy for you - customized labelling, minimum stock or low order quantities. Supplied through our own transport or our logistic partners. 

H.M.R. - Técnica de Plásticos e de Construção, Lda.

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