/ Corporate.

H.M.R. is a successful plastics company situated in Castelo Branco in the center of Portugal, near the spanish border. We employ about 25 people in our factory.



The company was founded in 1991 by two German companies bringing in experience in the production of extrusion profiles and formwork accessories as well as know how for the production of precision plastic products for several sectors as the automotive industry, electronic companies etc. You can find our products in solar protection products, in automotive, measuring instruments, electric motors, design office furniture and many more.

/ Commitment to quality products and satisfied customers

H.M.R. is committed to quality products and satisfied customers. We use the know how and experience of our German partner companies to deliver only products that were developed, produced, checked and approved by our quality management system.

/ Competitive pricing

H.M.R. is in a very competitive situation concerning the pricing of our products. By combining our German and Portuguese experience and the Portuguese labour costs we are ahead of most other European companies. Besides, we are a volume buyer of plastics and PVC - sourcing more than 1.500 tons a year.

/ Logistics

If we give you a delivery date than we will do everything to keep it. And we do. We have our own 40 tons truck running from Portugal to all over Europe to avoid delays or misrouting. In Portugal we work with reliable forwarding companies or with our own transport. We can supply virtually anywhere - by truck, air freight or maritime.

/ Staff

In the end it is about people. Our team of around 25 employees show extraordinary commitment to their work and our customers. We have been growing way faster than the industry over the last years due to the outstanding quality of our products and services. Our track spacers are considered among the best on the market - with zero complaints.

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H.M.R. - Técnica de Plásticos e de Construção, Lda.

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P-6000-459 Castelo Branco

Chamada para rede fixa nacional

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